4. Invitation to cooperation

     We invite to business cooperation all those, who are involved in the development of any budgets on the basis of program-target planning, as well as those, who specialize in creation and promotion of websites. There are the following variants of our cooperation:

     All these variants of cooperation are proposed to be implemented through the creation of an international outsourcing service (IOS) for remote solution in any languages of the tasks on the development of optimal (i.e. best) budgets for various purposes based on the principle of program-targeted planning. At that, an ambitious goal is set to make IOS in demand in any state, local and corporate governance bodies involved in the development of such budgets.
     Already now it would be possible to provide such network service by organizing on a commercial basis the process of solving via the Internet the specified tasks in MNIS MBO 1.0. But the practical
benefits and commercial effect of this IOS will be much higher if for its implementation to establish a specialized outsourcer company in order to perform the following four functions:
1) free distribution of AWPs and documentation for MNIS MBO 1.0 among possible
consumers of IOS;
2) a paid solution in
MNIS of tasks on forming optimal budgets;
3) development of new language shells for the MNIS interface;
4) online consultation of users on working in MNIS.

     With your counter offers on cooperation refer to the founder of Technology at his address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .