3. Means for solving the task

     The task of optimizing the family budget, as well as other tasks of optimizing expenses are solved by using the the multilingual software tool MLIS/MNIS EO 1.3, that has been created on the basis of IT AC DTIP by the founder of Technology (all information about it is available at the website "Promotion center of IT AC DTIP"). There are two varieties of this tool: "Multilingual local instrumental system of expenses optimization" of version 1.3 (MLIS EO 1.3) and "Multilingual network instrumental system of expenses optimization" of the same version (MNIS EO 1.3).

Note. The tool MLIS/MNIS EO 1.3 is based on the use of language shells of its interfaces which are stored in files. This allows to apply it everywhere, because the user always will be able to select (or create) for yourself a shell of that language in which he usually communicates. Two such shells already exist: Russian and English, and shells for any other languages can be created by users themselves, for which a special utility is provided.

     On the aforesaid website you can do the following:

  • in section "MLIS/MNIS EO 1.3: expenses optimization":
    • to find a brief description of the tool;
    • to download its technical characteristics and press release;
    • to download the lite version of program (LVP) MLIS EO 1.3;
  • in section "Centralized solving of tasks by using UPC 9 MNIS 1.0":
    • to solve remotely for free up to 10 your tasks by using MNIS EO 1.3, for which you should register and download for yourself the automated work place (AWP) of this network program;
    • to download LVP "Universal Processing Center of nine multilingual network instrumental systems, version 1.0 (UPC 9 MNIS 1.0)" in which you can solve for free via Internet, a local network or your computer many tasks of optimizing control of discrete processes for various purposes with relatively small admissible numbers of their phase states, including on optimization of family's budget.

     You can also acquire from the founder of Technology the set of MLIS EO 1.3, as well as the local or network set of UPC 9 MNIS 1.0 program with their binding via a serial number to technical parameters of the computer on which they will be installed.

     A set of any variety of the program EO 1.3 includes 5 solved demo tasks of optimizing expenses. Of them, to the considered here application area (a family budget) is related 1 task. You can get acquainted with it by downloading LVP MLIS EO 1.3 or AWP MNIS EO 1.3. Here's the name of this task:

  • "[DEME04] Purchase of goods and services for family budget (without alt groups)" (download its input and output data).