5. Invitation to cooperation

     We invite to business cooperation all those who either develop databases of roads networks (DBRNs) for different cities or possess such databases, as well as those, who specialize in creation and promotion of websites. There are the following possible variants of our cooperation:

  • creation of mass paid network services for any interested users to solve the tasks of type 1 on optimizing transportation in city of cargo or people by one transport vehicle using the network program MNIS TO 1.6 (see Sec. "Creating mass network services on DTIPs optimization" of the website "Promotion center of IT AC DTIP);
  • creation only for your company of local network services of such kind by using MNIS TO 1.6 provided that it possesses the required DBRNs (see Sec. "Creating local network services on DTIPs optimization" of the same website);
  • creating mass and local network services on solving the perspective tasks of type 2 to optimize transportation in city, for which the founder of IT AC DTIP can develop a new version of the software tool MLIS/MNIS TO with enhanced functionality;
  • implementation to life of a new technology of transportation control, for which has already been created by the founder of IT AC DTIP the key software tool MNIS TO 1.6.

     With your counter offers on cooperation refer to the founder of Technology at his address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .