1. Description of the subject area (1 task)

     We consider a solvable task to minimize losses for waiting the processing on a machine with changeover of a batch of different-type workpieces of any physical nature (metal, wood, plastic, stone, etc.). The peculiarity of this machine is that during the transition to processing a workpiece of another type than the previous workpiece type, it is required a machine changeover during certain period of time, which is usually dependent on the last and the next operations.

     This task can be solved numerically by using the new science-intensive network technology called "Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (in short IT AC DTIP)", because optimizable process has all necessary properties for that. This process is discrete and is classified as a time-limited process. Its elements in terms of DTIP are:

  • workpieces in a batch — demands;
  • a machine with changeover — a device of service.