2. Statement of the perspective task

     Below is a statement of a perspective task to optimize processing on a machine with changeover. For this optimization task do not yet exist means of its solving.

     Here we use the following notation:

  • SMC — state of machine changeover.


  • number of SMCs, for each of them is given an array of machine changeovers durations during the transition to all other SMCs;
  • number of workpieces types, for each of them are given:
    • number of same-type workpieces in the batch;
    • a sign of a possible denial of workpiece processing;
    • a fine for its processing denial (under the permissibility of such denial);
    • a sign of assigning a time window for workpieces processing, which can have either limited or unlimited duration;
    • in the absence of a time window:
      • income from thecompletion of workpiece processing;
      • a fine per time unit for waiting the completion of its processing;
    • in the presence of a time window:
      • moment of its start;
      • for a window of limited duration — moment of its end;
      • revenue function from thecompletion of workpiece processing;
    • number of modes of workpiece processing, for each them are given:
      • SMC, in which is processing a workpiece;
      • duration of its processing.

     Maximized quality criterion: total income from the processing of a specified batch of different-type workpieces.