3. Invitation to cooperation

     We invite to business cooperation any industrial enterprises engaged in processing of different materials (metal, wood, plastic, stone, etc.) and using for that the machines with changeovers. Possible subjects of our cooperation are mass and local network services on solving the above task to optimize processing of workpieces on a machine with changeover. For this purpose, the founder of IT AC DTIP can develop a new software tool LIS/NIS OFMC, which allowsto solve such tasks (here: LIS — local instrumental system, NIS — network instrumental system; OFMC — optimization of functioning a machine with changeover). This tool will have two versions: local and network, which are typical for the nine tools, that been already created by us, for optimizing control of discrete processes of different purpose.

     With your counter offers on cooperation refer to the founder of Technology at his address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .