1. Description of the subject area (1 task)

     We consider here a solvable task of optimal allocation of specified amount of budgetary funds that has been allocated either for a definite period to a ministry orother public (regional) department, institution or entity, or for performing certain complex target program with the purpose of acquisition or manufacture of required set of goods and services.

     The setting of this task is based on the principle of program-targeted planning (PTP), widely used in budget process. PTP — is such kind of planning, which is aimed to achieve the set objectives when at first are determined and set the goals and then are selected the ways to achieve them. PTP is built on logic "goals ® ways ® methods ® means". At first are set goals to be achieved, then are outlined the ways of realizing them (action items), and then  more detailed methods and means (goods and services). The quality criterion is set by using different systems of factors whose values are found by expert way. They describe the quantitative relationship between the chosen means (their total cost is usually limited) and a set of given goals via specified methods and ways of relization of the first ones.

     The figure below shows a flowchart of PTP, the terms of which are the goods, services, action items and goals. The connections between goods and services (lower level of hierarchy), action items (middle) and goals (top) are set here with the help of weighting factors. Every group of action items of specific purpose, which are realized via selected goods and services, is financed by certain expense item. The financing amounts for these items are those restrictions which are imposedin finding theoptimal solution.



     This task can be solved numerically by using the new science-intensive network technology called "Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (in short IT AC DTIP)", because optimizable process has all necessary properties for that. This process is discrete and is classified as an instant process of selecting choices. Its elements in terms of DTIP are:

  • goods and services demands;
  • financing amount by certain expense item — a device of service.