2. Statement of the solvable task

     Here we use the following notation:

  • CNT Center of network trade;
  • PG — piece goods;
  • AGalternative groups of PG;
  • NG — a non-alternative such group.


  • amount of investment, which is allocated for acquiring PG in Internet through CNT;
  • one of two possible criteria of usefulness of PG samples, which are selected for their acquisition:
    • utility ratio for a sample of PG (relative criterion);
    • purchasing worth of a sample, that is equal to the product of its utility ratio by its cost (absolute criterion);
  • a set of available for acquisition PG, which are divided into several categories;
  • for each such category are given the number of PG, for each of them are set:
    • number of available for acquiring PG samples;
    • name and description of a PG sample;
    • its full cost (including delivery);
  • formed by investor (an online buyer) several AG for PG, selected by him, and one NG;
  • for each chosen PG is given a value of criterion of its sample usefulness;
  • for each AG are set the minimum and maximum numbers of acquired samples of various PG, included in this group;
  • for each PG of a single NG are set the minimum and maximum numbers of its acquired samples.

     Maximized quality criterion: total purchasing worth of acquired PG under given restriction on the amount of investment.