1. Description of the subject area (2 types of tasks)

     We consider here tasks of two types: solvable (type 1) and perspective (type 2) on finding optimal strategies for transportation in city of cargo or people by one transport vehicle (TV) (for solvable tasks) or by several TVs (for perspective tasks) between specified target points (TPs) when is achieved minimum losses or maximum income from their service.

     To solve these tasks is needed the databases of roads networks (DBRNs) for corresponding cities. Each such task is solved in two stages. In the first of them are found optimal routes of passing any possible pairs of TPs by TVs, and in the second stage — optimal order of passing all TPs.

     All these tasks can be solved numerically by using the new science-intensive network technology called "Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (in short IT AC DTIP)", because optimizable process has all necessary properties for that. This process is discrete and is classified as a time-limited process. Its elements in terms of DTIP are:

  • network of city roads a network demand;
  • TVs — devices of service.