General scheme to joint implement Technology


 As you know, IT AC DTIP (or simply Technology) is a science-intensive technology with many applications on optimal (i.e. the best) control of discrete processes of many purposes (see Sec. Main of the website). Due to the fact that such processes occur in a wide variety of application areas, it is a very serious problem to create an integrated production company that would be engaged in the worldwide implementation of Technology in all spheres of discrete processes usage. Such a company should have great intellectual potential of its employees, who would to not only develop mathematical models for the numerical optimization of various discrete processes, but also deeply know the numerous applied areas where such processes occur. In other words, to create a utited Production Company on Implementing Technology (in short — PCIT), which is described in two sections of the website "Promotion center of IT AC DTIP" (link 1, Sec. "5. Implementation to life of Technology", and link 2), it is required solution of complex personnel and financial problems. It is for this reason that PCIT has not yet been established by the founder of Technology (further — Founder), although the information-software package of materials (ISPM) for its implementation to life has long been developed by him.

In this regard, it became necessary for Founder to find an alternative way for the widespread implementation of Technology, which he has recently found. The essence of it lies in the fact that the introduction of Technology in all possible areas of discrete processes use is proposed to realize not by a single PCIT, as previously offered, but by an array of so-called Implementers of Technology, each of which will be responsible for its exclusive all-around introduction in a specific application area. As an Implementer can act either a private entrepreneur or an IT company, who (which) will agree to take such responsibility by agreement either with Founder himself (this is the case here) or with that Company on Joint Implementing Technology (in short — CJIT), to which Founder will transfer such powers.

The general scheme for the joint implementation of Technology through the interaction of Founder (or CJIT) with its Implementers is as follows. Any entrepreneur from any country (let's call him the first person) who wishes to become an Implementer of Technology in a specific application area (or in several such areas) will have to find out in a constantly updated document "Areas of Technology implementation", the pdf file of which he can download here, whether this area is free to implement Technology (the type of its implementation stage — 1). If in the selected area there is going the formation by another implementer (let's call him the second person) of the development team of the installation software package (in short — ISP) on implemenation in it of Technology (stage type — 2), then the first person can wait until the specified limit deadline to make sure that either this area will finally become occupied by the second person (stage type — 3), or will be freed (stage type — 1) due to the fact that he he failed to form the above team. In the latter case, the first person can then occupy it.

Having selected in this document the free application areas that you need for implementing Technology (with stages of type 1), you should contact Founder at his address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a request for conclusion of Agreement on each of these areas, a sample of which is given in the next subsection "Sample agreement to search business partners" of the current website section. And if such Agreement is concluded for the period indicated there, then you will temporarily occupy a specific application area for the period of your fulfillment of the Agreement and the subsequent conclusion of the Contract on the joint development of ISP on implementation in it of Technology (a stage of type 2). A sample of such a contract is given further in the substction "Sample contract to joint develop ISP" of the current website section. As soon as you conclude such Agreements for the chosen application areas, from then on you will become for them the sole Implementer of Technology (stages of type 3), making them inaccessible to other potential implementers.

The figure shows an example of filling the upper part of the table "Areas of Technology implementation".

Areas table fragment-eng

Picture. The upper fragment of the table "Areas of Technology implementation"

In particular, the figure shows that in the left column of the table are highlighted in blue the cells for rows with those global areas of Technology implementation for which initial software tools of optimization already exist, which are used further as the basis for ISP development.

 * * *

In conclusion, we note that the above-described scheme for the joint implementation of Technology actually realizes the second of two possible options for the main path of its implementation. The first of them is managed by PCIT, and the second — by the Union of Founder (or CJIT) with Implementers. But there exists also an auxiliary way of its implementation, which no one controls. It is being realized spontaneously by users of various discrete processes by purchase tools of their optimization from the creators of such tools (see Sec. "Selling products of IT AC DTIP > Procedure to purchase Technology products" of the website).