Procedure to purchase Technology products


Below is an instruction for the remote purchase by users of this website of the IT AC DTIP finished software products which are being binded to the technical parameters of the computers on which they will work. Light versions of these programs you can download for free in the section "Results of Technology implementation" of the website "Promotion center of IT AC DTIP".

1.    Select in the subsection "Price list of Technology products" of the current website section (it is next in order) those software products of Technology that you are going to buy from its founder (further — Founder).

2.    Download here the utility GPSN.exe file (if you haven’t done this before), designed to find the serial numbers of the programs you purchase for those your computers, running unded OS Windows, on which they will be installed and binded to their technical parameters.

3.    Money for the programs you bought should be transferred to the next settlement account of the Founder in the national currency of Ukraine — hryvnia (UAH):

4149439311744142 in the bank with SWIFT code PBANUA2X

4.    Send your email to the Founder address of the following content:

Topic of the letter: Request to purchase <n> programs

Text of the letter:

1. <Program name> SN: <its serial number (24 characters), read by GPSN.exe utility on the computer where this program will work>


<n>. <Program name> SN: <its serial number>

5.    In response to this letter you receive from Founder the following letter:

Your request to purchase <n> programs has been received. Transfer the amount <...> UAH of their total cost (according to the price list of Technology products) to the Founder’s account indicated in the section "Selling products of IT AC DTIP > Procedure to purchase Technology products" of the website "". Within a day after the Founder receives this amount, he will send you at this address the files of the software packages purchased by you.

6.    When you transfer to the indicated account of Founder the required amount in your national currency, which after automatic conversion to UAH should be the above amount, you will need to send the following reply letter to the above address of Founder:

The required amount <...> UAH has been transferred to the account you specified <transfer date> and <transfer time>.

7.    Within a day after receiving by Founder of this your letter you will be sent a reply letter with the files of purchased programs, attached to it, of the following content:

The attachment to this letter contains the files of the following <n> programs you purchased: <their names>.