Invitation for cooperation of Technology founder

To: private entrepreneurs
and IT companies executives

Dear Sirs!


Michael Burlakov, innovator, Doctor of Engineering (Kiev, Ukraine) is addressing you with three ambitious business proposals, which will allow you to become a world leader in the sphere of controlling discrete processes (i.e. processes with clearly separated from each other states) of those applications which interest you.

I have recently completed years-long work on the information-software package of materials (ISPM) on implementing a new science-intensive network technology with many applications called "Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (IT AC DTIP)", the founder of which I am. It allows you to find the optimal (i.e. the best) strategies of controlling many discrete processes, which occur in diverse areas of human activity (see here). With the presentation of both the technology itself and the ISPM for its implementation, you can familiarize here. More detailed information on this project you can learn from two English-Russian websites:"Promotion Center of IT AC DTIP" and "Implementation Center of IT AC DTIP".

ISPM includes 11 multilingual optimizing software tools in the ordinary and network performances (see here) that allow to provide international network outsourcing services on optimal controlling the discrete processes of the next purposes: 1) forming budgets; 2) network planning; 3) expenses; 4) standard investments; 5) investment in housing; 6) investment in real estate; 7) online shopping; 8) transportation; 9) passenger delivery by public transport; 10) customer service in a restaurant.

I suggest the following for your choice:

  • to become the monopoly implementer of IT AC DTIP in any application areas you choose where discrete processes occur (see here);
  • to establish together with the founder of IT AC DTIP a production company for the widespread implementation of this technology (see here, Sec. "5. Implementation to life of Technology");
  • to establish the above company on your own with the transfer to you on a franchise basis by the founder of IT AC DTIP of all the know-how on this technology, namely: ISPM with texts of programs created by him and two websites (see above), as well as a training course (in Russian) on the basics of IT AC DTIP.


Михаил Бурлаков,
IT AC DTIP founder and ISPM creator,
D.Eng.Sc. (Kiev, Ukraine)


Email address of the technology founder:
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Note. You can download the pdf-file of this newsletter here.