Current state of Technology

     Currently, this innovative project (IT AC DTIP or just Technology) is at the stage of startup. During its development and promotion were obtained the following results:

  • created a uniform scientific methodology of Technology;
  • written by the founder of Technology and published a monograph on the basics of IT AC DTIP, which can be used in three ways:
    • as a training manual in preparing specialists in Technology in higher education institutions of corresponding activity profile;
    • as a practical guide for the development of effective strategies for control of discrete processes of different purposes;
    • for solving specific tasks on the subject using the software tools, described in the book and attached to it;
  • prepared on the basis of this book a training course on the basics of Technology, which has been read twice in the Gorlovka Regional Institute (GRI) of the University "Ukraine" in the academic years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012
  • created nine network instrumental systems (NISs) on optimizing DTIPs of different purposes, ready for mass use, which allow to solve tasks of optimizing control of discrete processes in the following application areas: 1) budgeting of the Ministry; 2) network planning; 3) standard investments; 4) expenses; 5) investment in housing; 6) investment in real estate; 7) online shopping; 8) transportation; 9) delivery of a passenger by public transport;
  • developed two programs to optimize remote and usual orders of restaurant customers;
  • developed on the basis of IT AC DTIP the concept of creating four innovative technologies of specific applications in the following applied areas: 1) online trade, 2) real estate trade, 3) restaurant business, and 4) project management (the first two of them are perfect), as well as created for these technologies the key software tools (see above);
  • created and published the website "Promotion center of IT AC DTIP", containing all the necessary information about Technology, as well as allowing to solve without payin test mode the tasks of optimizing DTIPs of various purposes using the above nine NISs;
  • created and published this website "Implementation center of IT AC DTIP", intended for inculcation to life of Technology by providing mass and local network services to solve tasks of optimizing control of discrete processes of various purposes for 18 categories of interested persons who have a direct relation to such processes.