Invitation to cooperation

     In subsection "Prospects of Technology development" of this section of the website are listed four directions for further development of Technology (IT AC DTIP). For each of these directions except for the first one the founder of IT AC DTIP offers a wide cooperation to all those who want and can bring practical use in the promotion worldwide of this currently important and commercially promising Technology.

Cooperation in creating mass and local network services

     We invite you to cooperate in creation of mass and local network services to optimize control of DTIPs of various purposes all those persons who either have a direct relation to such processes and are interested in their effective control, or unwilling to earn on such services.In the first case, select one of 18 portals of this website, which is directly related to you or is of interest to you, and examine its contents, especially the subsection "Invitation to cooperation".And if the information set out there is of real interest to you, please contact the founder of IT AC DTIP with your counter offers at his address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

     In the second case, if you are only interested in the commercial aspect of the proposal, the founder of Technology is ready to conclude an agreement with you about business partnership (a dealership agreement) to provide mass network services on optimizing discrete processes for users of 16 of the 18 categories, which are presented on this website, for which the network optimization software tools already exist. The basis of this agreement is the concept of creating a dealer network for the implementation of this network service, schematically represented in the following figure:

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     If you're ready to become a dealer on creating mass network services of this kind with the purpose of making money on them, then refer to the founder of Technology (see above).

Cooperation in conducting a complex expertise

     To see the real prospect ofIT AC DTIP, assess the risks of creating a production company for its implementation, as well as to obtain financial indicators of its future activities, it is necessary to carry out qualified complex expertise of both Technology itself and the already created optimizing software tools for DTIPs of various purposes (see Sec. "Promotion of Technology > Complex expertise" of the website"Promotion center of IT AC DTIP"). This expertise can be carried out in two ways:

  • with the help of some well-known consulting company that specializes in the sphere of information technologies, which services should be paid (the offer for an interested investor);
  • on a volunteer basis, by aprofessional andexperiencedmarketer, who thus can qualify for his participation as a co-founder of the future production company for implementation to life of Technology (the offer for an interested marketer).

Cooperation in establishing a production company

     The negative experience, obtained by the founder of Technology during unsuccessful search for a venture investor forIT AC DTIP, showed that to find such an investor is practically unreal in case when an innovative project is highly ambitious and has a lot of applications, that takes place in this case. The reason of this consists in low efficiency of the existing mechanism of venture investment, which is based mainly on financial indexes and actually ignores the essence of the project and its ambitiousness.

     In this case, there are two possible ways of promoting this project: a) by finding an interested business (investment) partner or b) by a team of enthusiasts-associates. The first way is more designed for a lucky chance, because for today is absent a mechanism for the search of business partners for innovative projects among the famous and accomplished businessmen and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the founder of Technology offers the second way, namely, to form a team of associates from ambitious young professionals in relevant fields of activities, and establish by it the ​​production company for the practical implementation of Technology. This way is absolutely real for two reasons. Firstly, the being implemented Technology is now at the stage of startup, and secondly, it is a network one. In other words, to promote the activities of this company will be sufficient to implement via Internet of the mass and local network services of optimizing DTIPs of various purposes using already created by us nine network tools.

     Below is an appeal of the founder of IT AC DTIP to all those who wish to participate in the competition for vacant places in the future team of associates on the implementation of Technology.

Dear Colleagues!

     If you are at the stage of the search of prestigious and highly paid job (or have already found it) in any famous foreign IT-company, assuming at that a great success and honor to work there, then you may be interested by this my proposal, because it is more ambitious than the goal set by you.

     It is known that many large foreign companies are now engaged in an aggressive worldwide human resources policy to recruit the most intelligent and talented individuals, regardless of countries of their residence, thereby objectively inflicting to these countries big intellectual damage, especially to those which are not advanced. And would you like instead of a prestigious job on "alien uncle" to participate in creation of the unique IT-company, that has all chances to become as famous and powerful as Microsoft, Apple, or Sap Corporation? This will not only give yourself a great career in this field, but also bring appreciable benefit to your country, which thus becomes a "trendsetter" in this area of scientific and technical progress.

     Now we, the initiators and developers of the ambitious innovative project (new IT), came to the stage of forming a team of enthusiasts-associates, who are going to establish a production company on implementation to life of our new network science-intensive Technology (IT AC DTIP). We invite you to participate in competition for the places in this team. We need specialists of many profiles, but first of all — business partners, managers, marketers, network and application programmers, as well as interpreters. In the future, we will also need system analysts, applied mathematics and organizers of the training process for preparation of Technology practitioners.

     Those members of the team who will be ready to take responsibility for specific areas of activity of the future production company, will become its co-founders. But in this case they have to perform free of charge (as their founding contribution) some preparatory work in field of their activity concerning promotion of the company, because we do not have any investor (and we can do without him, because the main network optimizing software tools have been already developed by us). Now this project is at the stage of startup, what you can see for yourself by visiting our website "Promotion center of IT AC DTIP".

     To participate in this competition requires the following mandatory conditions: your innate ambition and desire to become a pioneer, as well as "burning" of your eyes from acquaintance with this project and our set goal on its promotion worldwide.

     If these conditions are met and this proposal you are really interested in, then select at least one free day to get acquainted in detail with the project, all necessary information about it is presented on the abovementioned website. In particular, on its title page are listed convincing arguments in favor of that IT AC DTIP is a unique, ambitious and commercially promising project. If there will be specific questions on it, please turn to me at the following contacts.

Yours faithfully,
Burlakov Michael V.,
., the founder of IT AC DTIP

(Kiev, Ukraine)

My contacts:

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel .: (38) 099-012-09-77