There is a big problem of inefficient control of the so-called discrete processes which are the processes with clearly separated from each other states. They are encountered in various fields of human activities, which include: business, industrial production, design and construction, cargo and passenger transportations, commerce, digital communication, investments and etc. The reason of that consists in the absence of a functioning technology of synthesis of optimal and close to them strategies of control of discrete processes like known for all the existing technology on effective control of continuous technological processes, being realized in practice through the creation of automated systems of control of technological processes (ASC TP).

     This problem can be successfully solved by the implementation to life of proposed by us the science-intensive network technology with many applications, entitled "Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (in short — IT AC DTIP or just Technology)". It allows you to find numerically the best and close to them tabular strategies of control of many real discrete processes, which can be infinite stationary, limited in time, and even instant processes of selecting choices.

     All necessary information about IT AC DTIP is available at the website "Promotion center of IT AC DTIP". On its main page are presented convincing arguments in favor of that Technology is currently important, practically demanded and commercially promising. It is based on a uniform scientific methodology of numerical optimization of the abstract stationary discrete service processes, to which are reduced the real discrete processes of many purposes. The main advantages of IT AC DTIP consist in the fact that it covers a very wide class of real discrete processes with additive quality criteria and allows do the following:

1)   to adjust laboriousness of synthesizing optimal control strategies for such processes by introducing of incrementing;

2)   to find the best (optimal) control strategies at the lowest cost and time expenses compared to the existing practice;

3)   to provide mass network services on effective control of widespread discrete processes of narrow purposes.

     This website titled "Implementation center of IT AC DTIP" is intended for those numerous users of discrete processes of various purposes, which are really interested in their effective control. The proposed Technology allows you to do it in practice with the help of software tools, created on its basis. In this you can be convinced by reading the contents of such portal of the website, which relates to your application area. The very same website was last updated on September 20, 2019. It will be updated promptly and further, if we'll have a new information on the implementation of Technology.  

      Now there is an active process of introduction to life of IT AC DTIP. For this purpose, we have developed 11 multilingual software tools (in network and usual executions) to optimize control of the most common discrete processes in various fields of human activity. This will allow to apply worldwide the specified tools, thereby introducing Technology everywhere.

     This website is designed for 18 categories of potential users of the given tools, which work in various application areas. If you relate to one of these categories, then visit the appropriate website portal, where you can receive all necessary information about what tasks on optimizing control of discrete processes, interested for you, and with the help of what software tools you can practically solve, as well as about possible variants of our cooperation in this sphere.

     The nearest goal of the founder of IT AC DTIP is to form a team of associates for establishing by it the production company for implementation of Technology (PCIT). This company has all prerequisites to become the world leader on efficient control of discrete processes in all application areas where they meet, because its activities will be based on the being implemented IT AC DTIP, having many advantages (see above), on the unique software tools for optimizing discrete processes of many purposes, created by us, as well as on the concept of providing mass services to optimize control of such processes, available for wide user over the Internet.

     In order to Technology brought real benefit to you, enough to find out the following:

1)   whether you are dealing with some discrete process, arising from the interaction of objects of two categories: those which have resources (devices of service), and those which need servicing (demands)?

2)   whether there are losses or income from such interaction of these objects?

3)   whether there is a real possibility to somehow control this process?

     If the answer to all these three questions is positive, then your further actions will be the following. Find out on this website (and in the future — on the website of PCIT) whether there are available valid network software tools for solving optimization tasks for the required class of discrete processes, and if so, use it. Otherwise, refer to the founder of Technology at his address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (and in the future — to PCIT) with the application to solve your problem of raising effectiveness of control of a specific process using IT AC DTIP by developing for it a mathematical optimization model and its software realization.

       Insection "Introduction to IT AC DTIP" of the website is presented the initial information about Technology. Having mastered them, you can figure out what a set of properties should exist in your discrete process so that you can increase the effectiveness of its control using Technology (see subsection "Properties of DTIPs"). Besides, there are given the main directions of our possible cooperation on its implementation to life (see subsection "Invitation to cooperation").